100 Good Wishes Quilt or Bai Jia Bei

This is our blog that will show the quilt pieces and wishes that we collect from family and friends during our wait for our daughter!!! Thank you for participating in a wonderful heirloom for her!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Square #65

This one is from Irene. She is in Amy's Bible Study and is also her roomie at retreats! Thanks Irene, its too cute!

Quilt Square #64

This from Tiffany Ford, (AKA TFOR), a friend an old coworker of Amy who left Atlanta to move to California to work for some reason TFord, YOU ROCK!

Quilt Square # 63

This square came from Tricia, Amys coworker and friend. I love the lizards! Very Cool!
Thanks my friends!